Museu do Amanhã, a major symbol of Rio de Janeiro's urban revitalization project led by the Rio 2016 Games, needed to prepare a book that told the story of a year of opening the Museum for its Board of Directors, a board of Executives, sponsors, members of government and other partners.

Corporate Image should design the editorial project with graphic design, production and edition of texts and highlights, photographic material, infographics and tables in a period of 3 (three) weeks, from the first meeting with the Museum. In addition, it would be important to create a project as modern as the Museum, which dialogues with all these audiences in an efficient and informative way.

Thanks to its great experience with editorial production, Imagem Corporativa united the knowledge of its teams from Rio, São Paulo and Brasília to propose a graphic project with a bold and modern concept, light strokes, that express the values disseminated by the Museu do Amanhã. Our project also opted for narrative with valuation of testimonials from partners, sponsors, government, public and social organizations to give a more genuine tone to the product. We suggested the use of many images/photos of the architecture, inauguration, main exhibitions, laboratory of the future and events, besides the strong interaction of the public with the newest great wonder of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Finally, we went beyond the printed format, and we suggested the development of the book in digital format, which makes the dissemination of the content totally democratic and modern.