Imagem Corporativa works with integrated communication for the most different organizations. The agency's professionals are committed to planning and implementing activities aligned with the best communication practices, in full harmony with the complexity of the global environment.

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Produced in a personalized way, the trainings and workshops include theoretical content, case studies, exercises and simulations.

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Communication Consultancy

Diagnostics and strategic mapping in relation to different stakeholders.


Researches and Sector Analysis

Perform image audits, business profiles, measurements, comparative scenarios between competitors and industry mappings.

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Public Affairs & Advocacy

Analysis of the structure and functioning of powers; relationship with influencers from different spheres and participation in the main public policy debates.



Design, production and organization of national and international corporate events for clients of various sizes and sectors, such as trade shows, press trips and product launches.


Crisis Prevention and Management

Programs to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities and produce content and systems to protect the image and reputation of brands and companies.


Content Production

Strategic planning and creation for social networks and other platforms maintained by the company. Production of video content, images (infographics and arts), and audio (podcast).


Internal Communication

Creation of a relationship strategy with the internal public in order to clearly communicate to employees the missions, values and principles of the organization, generating engagement.